Article 1 In order to improve teaching quality and strengthen management of oversea students, rules and regulations are formulated.


Article 2 Oversea students shall register in during the required time with your Admission Notice.


Article 3 Oversea students are expected to attend all teaching activities in accordance with the teaching schedule. Absence from school without asking for leave, or being late for or leaving earlier from classes is not allowed. Students who are absent from class without approval are considered as cutting class. 


Article 4 For oversea students, in the case of absence from one lecture, prior statement must be submitted to and approval be obtained from the lecturer. And prior statement must be submitted to and approval be obtained from the supervisor for absence for 1 day, and from the dean of college and the director of IEC office for absence over 3 days( included).


Article 5 Oversea students shall complete and submit Leave Application Form in the case of absence for more than 1 day. Students shall submit the copy of approved form to lecturers concerned. Having obtained approval, the copy of the form should be submitted to lecturers concerned. Those who are to live outside campus over 1day (included) shall list reason and submit it to IEC Office for approval.


Article 6 Supervisors, teachers or directors concerned will be responsible for student’s absence without approval. Students will face punishment according to the seriousness of cases.


Article 7 The hours of students' absence from class is counted based on actual hours arranged in curriculum; and the hours of students' absence from practice is counted based on actual teaching hours.


Article 8 Attendance checking is conducted by lecturers of courses by means of roll call, spot check etc. Those who have been absent for more than three times (included) and been on leave over 1/3 (one-third) of total teaching hours in a semester are not eligible to take the final examination and score will be recorded as zero on that course. Students who lose that eligibility shall be informed one week before the examination.


Article 9 Students who are qualified for the attendance waiver of certain course could be partly or fully absent, while tasks, tests and examinations of that course shall be completed. Any absence without approval of attendance waiver will be considered as cutting class.


Article 10 These rules and regulations are applicable to all degree and exchange students.


Article 11 The final right of interpretation of these rules and regulations is reserved by IEC Office.