How to Borrow Books from Library

1. Students can enter the library and borrow books with your student’s card (or pre-paid dining card).


2. The card could only used by card-owner.


3. Once the card is lost, the owner should report the loss and re-apply new card in management centre of all-purpose card in campus; if the card became invalid, the owner can go to the management centre to check and handle it according to the facts.


4. Books available for reservation: General Chinese books.


5. English books could be read in the reading rooms.


6. Undergraduates,professional training students and others could borrow 8 books once at most, including 2 books in literature (the I category).


7. Students could borrow books for at most 60 days, and could not be renewed.


8. Students will be charged for 0.1yuan for for each book per day if you exceed the deadline of returning books, and his\her rights of borrowing book would be paused until the book is returned.


9. Readers should protect and keep books properly. If the book is lost or stained (including scrawl on it or cut pages), readers should compensate for it according to Regulations of losing/damaging of reading materials in library. If the lost book is already exceeding the deadline of returning, reader should also pay the demurrage.


10. When graduating (or finishing your study) from the university, student should return all borrowed book, which is part of the graduation procedure.


11. Stealing and/or damaging (such as cutting/tearing) materials of the library and reference rooms, once caught and confirmed, the people should return or compensate the book;and would face the penalty as 10-30 times as the original cost of material/books, or to be informed to the department or college concerned, or to be informed to security department or police station.