Regulations on International Students Dormitory in Shanghai Maritime University

In accordance with the “Regulation on Student Management of General Institution of Higher Education” and the spirit of related documents issued by local education authorities, this Regulation is formulated for the purpose of reinforcing the standardized management of international students dormitories, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of international students and creating a safe, neat, and better living and learning environment.

Article 1 Check-in
1.Only admitted and registered international students can apply for university accommodation with the Admission letter、valid passport and visa. When check-in, students are required to show their dormitory application form issued by International Education  College (hereinafter referred to as IEC) to dormitory administrators.

2.IEC is responsible for designating room for each student. International students shall pay the deposit to dorm keeps when they check and are not allowed to change rooms without permission. Individuals shall submit a written application to IEC if they do need to change rooms, and can only change it after being approved.

3.Never allowed to lending or duplicating the room's key. Students shall report to dorm administrator promptly in case of losing the key. Fees regarding to changing the lock are to be borne by the concerned students. Students shall notify the dorm administrator for repairing any appliance breakdown.

4.Self-financed international students are required to pay the accommodation fees and deposits for the whole semester within a week after arrival. Additional charge shall be made if students exceed the room renting date. Those who fail to provide the payment will be asked to levy one thousandth of its late fee per day. Scholarship winners shall pay deposit when check-in.

Article 2 Residential Rules
1.International students must strictly observe laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China as well as SMU rules and regulations. They are required to abide by the registration rules on visitors meeting and obey the management of dormitory administrator. Individuals are not permitted to transfer and lend rooms to others and accommodate visitors without notifying the dorm administrator. If violate, SMU reserves the right to exclude the students from the dorm and to make appropriate disciplinary punishment.

2.International students on board are expected to care public facilities and goods. Students must sign up the checklist of room appliances when check in. Any damage of public facilities by students will be charged accordingly. Painting or nailing on the wall is prohibited. Students shall not cause excessive or disruptive noises out of consideration to their fellow residents during break time.

3.Students shall be responsible for maintaining public sanitation and keeping tidy indoors and outdoors. Students are not allowed to pile sundries in the corridors inside the building. Students shall not keep pets in their rooms. For the security and sanitation’s sake, students must not, under any circumstance, throw anything out of or hanging anything from window.

4.Take care of electrical appliances. No dismantlement or modification to electrical circuits or installations is allowed. No fire is allowed inside the room. Any high-power appliances such as heat-faster, electric oven or electric heater are prohibited. Lamps, wiring panels, chargers connecting to power are forbidden to be placed on or near the bed, mosquito nets, cardboard boxes and other flammable substances. No smoking or setting fires are allowed inside the room. To use or store inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic items are strictly prohibited in the dorms. In violation of those rules, students will be subject to penalties accordingly and confiscating relative appliances. Individuals shall shoulder the legislative obligation in the event of causing such accidents by themselves. The cost of such repairs or replacement shall be born by the students.

5.Watch out for fires. Storing and setting fire to inflammable and explosive items in the dorm are forbidden. Students shall not move or damage extinguishers privately. Public places like corridors are not allowed to place sundries, or they will be treated as waste disposal. Due to internship, travelling and other reasons of going out for a long period of time, students are required to cut off power and notify the dormitory administrator. Failure to comply with those rules and resulting in fire, the students must bear all the compensations of the losses and shoulder the corresponding legal responsibilities.

Article 3 Visitors
1.Visitors are required to show their identification (ID card, student card or passport) and leave it at the duty room if they want to visit inside. The identification is returned when they leave.

2.Visitors must leave the dormitory before 22:00. No visitor could stay overnight inside the dorm. The dormitory keeper reserves the right to inform the visitor to leave.

3.Students who accommodate the visitors shall be given a warning by dorm keeper. If he/she is warned more than twice, the dormitory keeper has the right to exclude the students from the dormitory and inform the IEC.

Article 4 Safety & Security
1.IEC and colleges where international students enrolled should intensify the safety education, especially on fire prevention and anti-theft safety education.

2.SMU Security Office is primarily responsible for safeguarding international students' daily life and directing, supervising and inspecting the dorm safety.

3.Dorm keeps and other authorized staffs reserve the right to enter international students’ rooms on irregular scheduled inspection without notifying the students.

4.International students should be conscious of safety precautions and assist the dorm keeper to maintain the security order. If you notice someone who behaves suspiciously, report the person to the dorm keeper or the security.

Article 5 Sanitation
1.Dorm building cleaner will be in charge of cleaning public places.

2.Students shall do the room cleaning by themselves to keep it clean and tidy.

3.The dormitory keeper is responsible for the irregularly-scheduled sanitary inspection. The students will be given a warning provided the room is in dirty, chaotic and poor condition. If the condition not changes, IEC will issue a written warning to the students or even inform the students to move out of the dormitory.

Article 6 Check-out
1.Students check out from the apartment shall pay up accommodation fees and cost of water, electricity and internet. Students are required to keep the room tidy and the sewer flow as well when return the room key and other public properties. The dorm keep should inspect and check the room before doing the check-out procedure.

2.Owing to the room-change, graduation and dismiss from the school, those items remaining in the room over the set time will be considered as free items.

3.Considering other reasons for check out from the apartment, it will be handled in accordance with related regulations.
Article 7 the regulation hereby promulgated for taking effect as of the day of promulgation. This regulation is suitable for international students’ dorm in both campuses.