Rules on Management of Student's Identity Card

1. Student's Identity Card and All-purpose Card are marks of identity. After registration, degree students will get two cards from their college or department. For non-degree students, they could get cards from Foreign Affairs Office two weeks after registration;


2. Student's Identity Card and All-purpose Card could be used by holder only. Invalid if altered;


3. At the beginning of each semester, degree students shall go to related office of college or department to go through formality of registration with student's identity card which is valid after being sealed. For non-degree students, they shall go to Foreign Affairs Office;


4. If identity card is lost, written application for new one is needed. Approved by department office, students could get new one in Dean's Office at specified time every week. If preferential card is lost, students could re-purchase them with identity cards usually in December every year;


5. For non-degree students, written application for new identity cards is also needed. Students shall go to Foreign Affairs Office to go through formality;


6. Oversea students could retain identity cards when they graduate, leave school or transfer to another school on the basis of sealing" INVALID" on the cards. If an identity card is missing on graduation, students could leave school only after applying for a new one;


7. The final right of interpretation of rules is reserved by Foreign Affairs Office.