Master’s Programs



Transport Information Engineering and Control Merchant Marine College
Vehicle Operation Engineering
Refrigeration and Low-Temperature Technology
Thermal Engineering
Engineering Thermophysics
Power Machinery and Engineering
Marine Engineering
Design and Manufacture of Ships and Marine Structures
Ship and Ocean Engineering
Transport Engineering
Transport Planning and Management College of Transport and Communications
Transport Engineering
Management Science and Engineering School of Economics and Management
Enterprise Management
Tourism Management
Financial Management
Industrial Economics
International Trade
Business Administration
Project Management
Power Electronics and Electric Drive Logistics Engineering College
Electric Power System and Automation
Electrical Machinery and Appliances
Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering
Control Theory and Engineering
Machinery Manufacturing and Automation
Mechanic Engineering
Machine Design and Theory
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Logistics Engineering
Criminal Law Law School
Civil Commercial Law
Litigation Law
Economic Law
Environment and Resources Protection Law
International Law
Juris Master (for the students whose major is not law)
Juris Master (for the students whose major is law)
Computer Software and Theory College of Information Engineering
Computer Application
Computer System Structure
Software Engineering
Communication and Information System
Computer Technology
Software Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Foreign and Applied Linguistics College of Foreign Languages
English Language and Literature
Japanese Language and Literature
Master Of Translation And Interpreting
Port, Shore and Offshore Engineering College of Ocean Scienceand Engineering
Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Hydrology and Water Resources Management
Ocean Transportation Engineering Materials and Protection
Transportation Safety and Environmental Engineering
Ideological and Political Education College of Arts and Sciences
Magnetic Fields and Microwave Technology
Information and Computing Science
Technological Economics and Management Scientific Research Academy
Testing Technology and Automation Devices
Management Science and Engineering
Logistics Engineering
Engineering Management