2017 Pre-degree Program for International Students


  1. Applicant should be between the ages of 18 and 23 years old and must be of good health.
  2. Applicant must have a High School Diploma with excellent grades, HSK 3 or any related Chinese Proficiency Test Certificate.


Application Documents

  1. Application form
  2. A copy of High School Diploma or proof of expected graduation certificates (should be either in Chinese or English with official school stamps; or a notarized copy in Chinese or English)
  3. High School Transcript ( transcripts should be either in Chinese or English with official school stamp or a notarized version in Chinese or English)
  4. Other relevant certificates in English or Chinese
  5. Academic records (transcripts must be in Chinese or English with official school stamp or a notarized version in Chinese or English)
  6. Passport copy
  7. Recommendation Letter from teacher (which should include the teacher’s position, school name, and contact information; the certified copy should be written in either English or Chinese)
  8. 2 Passport-sized photos


Application Deadline

25th May 2017


Notice of Enrollment

The enrollment results will be published in mid June on the school’s website (www.shmtu.edu.cn).

Registration Date

11th September 2017 (If an exception is granted, the last date of registration is 22nd September 2017).


Criteria for Funding

If you have a scholarship, the duration of study is 5 years (1 year for pre-degree and 4 years for Bachelor’s degree). The scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, and a monthly stipend of RMB 2500. Students should note that the following expenses would be borne by themselves; flight tickets, books, medical examination, visa application and other private costs.


Scholarship Review

Student’s performance will be reviewed each semester during their pre-degree studies (in addition to their mid-term and final exam review). Furthermore, Undergraduate students review will be done annually. A student, who fails the scholarship review, will either be on probation or disqualified from the scholarship program.

Contact Details

Contact person: Ms. Li Hua

Telephone: 021-38284998

Address: 1550 Haigang Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai (Library building B8081)

Email: iec@shmtu.edu.cn


Undergraduate Programs



Marine Navigation

Merchant Marine College

Administrative Management ( Marine management )

Marine Engineering

Marine Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Energy Engineering and Automation

Thermal Energy & Power Engineering

College of Transport & Communications

Shipping Management

Shipping Management + English


Logistics Management

Transport Engineering

Economics (Marine Transport and Logistic Economics)

College of Economics and Management

International Trade & Economics

Finance(Shipping Finance)


Accounting (International Accounting)


Finance Management

Business Administration

Tourism Management


Management Science

Mechanical Design, Manufacture & Automation

College of Logistics Engineering

Sino-Dutch Mechanical and Electronic Engineering College

Machinery Electronics Engineering (Port Machinery)

Industrial Engineering

Logistics Engineering

Electrical Engineering & Automation


Measuring/Controlling Technology and Instrumentations

(Sino - Dutch) Mechatronic Engineering

(Sino - Dutch) Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Automation

Law (Maritime Law)

Law School

Computer Science & Technology

College of Information Engineering

Information Management & Information System

Network Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Telecommunications Engineering


College of Foreign Languages


English(International Business)


Environmental Engineering

College of Ocean Environment and Engineering

Safety Engineering

Port, Fairway and Coast Engineering

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Materials Science

Information & Computing Science

College of Arts and Sciences

Math and Applied Math

Industrial Design

Art Design

Administrative Management