Undergraduate Degree Programs for International Students

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Program Length: 4 years.

● High school graduate students, between the ages of 18 - 25 years, and in good health.
● Chinese citizens who apply to study abroad as an international student after they have immigrated to a foreign country must hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for four years or more. Applicants should provide proof of residence abroad for more than two years.
Tuition: RMB 20000 per year.
Application deadline:
Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS): April 30, 2020.
Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS): June 10, 2020
Self-financed Applicants: June 30, 2020
Term starts each year in September (The exact date will be written on the Admission Letter).

Application Method:

  1. International students applying as a self-financing applicant should click here to download SMU application form.  After completing all application requirements, send the documents to this mailbox: smuiec@foxmail.com. Students applying for scholarship programs must first apply using the online application portal through the following mode of application: CSC website (https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn), SGS website (http://study.edu.sh.gov.cn/). After completing the online application, the applicant must download and sign the form. Additionally, all supporting materials used in the application process, including the completed application form should be e-mailed to smuiec@foxmail.com.
  2. A preliminary review will be conducted on all documents received from the mailbox.
  3. Applicants who passed the preliminary review will receive a language test notice.
  4. Applicants who passed both preliminary review and language test will receive a scheduled interview notice.
  5. Scholarship applicants who pass the interview process will be notified of their scholarship status in June.
Application Documents:
● Scholarship applicants (thus CGS and SGS students) should apply using the online application portal (see website link above); self-sponsored applicants can also apply using SMU application form which can be download on the website (see website link above);
● High school diploma or official proof of expected graduation (the diploma or certificate must be in Chinese or English with official school stamps or a notarized version in Chinese or English);
● Relevant transcripts (transcripts must be in Chinese or English with official school stamps or a notarized version in Chinese or English);
● Two recommendation letters from teachers (written in Chinese or English);
● HSK level-4 certificate, native Chinese speakers and applicants whose previous high school diploma was officially issued in Chinese are exempted from this language requirement (for Chinese-taught program);
TOEFL 80 or IELTS 6.0, native English speakers and applicants whose previous high school diploma was officially issued in English are exempted from this language requirement (for English-taught program);
● Statement of purpose for undergraduate degree candidates should not be more than 800 words.
● Copy of your passport bio-data; thus, the page with your biographical data (name, date of birth, passport number, expiration date, place of issue, and passport type information) and passport-sized photo;
● Medical examination report.


Enrollment: Shanghai Maritime University reserves the right to admit international students by written test or interview.
● All applicants are to ensure that the Shanghai Maritime University application form or scholarship (CGS or SGS) form is signed before sending it to the e-mail above.
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