Undergraduate Degree Programs for International Students

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Program Length: 4 years.


● High school graduate students, between the age of 18 - 25 years, healthy foreigners.
● Chinese citizens who apply to study abroad as an international student after they have immigrated to a foreign country must hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for four years or more. Applicants should provide proof of residence abroad for more than two years.
Tuition: RMB 20000 per year.
Application deadline:
April 30, 2019.
Term Starts: Each year in September (The exact date will be written on the Admission Letter).
Application Method: Applicants should apply from the following mode of application: CSC website (https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn), SGS website (http://study.edu.sh.gov.cn/), and self-sponsored students should apply using SMU application form. Click here for application form. For information on scholarships, click here for scholarship details.
Application documents:
● Scholarship applicants for CGS and SGS should apply on the online portal (see website link above); self-sponsored applicants should apply using SMU application form (see website link above);
● High school diploma or official proof of expected graduation (the diploma or certificate must be in Chinese or English with official school stamps or a notarized version in Chinese or English);
● Relevant transcripts (transcripts must be in Chinese or English with official school stamps or a notarized version in Chinese or English);
● Two recommendation letters from teachers (written in Chinese or English); Applicants are to ONLY use SMU’s Recommendation Letter Form for International Student Applicants (form can be found in the attachment folder below); Scholarship applicants should upload the completed forms on the website and attach the original copy when mailing the documents; Self-sponsored applicants should attach the original recommendation letters to their documents when mailing them.
● Certificate of attestation issued from your school; Applicants are to ONLY use SMU’s Certificate of Attestation for International Students form (refer to attached instruction below); 
● HSK level-4 certificate, Native Chinese speakers and applicants whose previous High school diploma was taken in Chinese are exempted from the language requirement (for Chinese-taught program); TOEFL 80 or IELTS 6.0, Native English speakers and applicants whose previous High school diploma was taken in English are exempted from the language requirement (for English-taught program);
● Statement of purpose - around 800 words for undergraduate degree candidates. Topics to cover: study and work experience, academic research results, planned research proposals, and personal development objectives after graduation;
● Copy of your passport bio-data; thus, the page with your biographical data (name, date of birth, passport number, expiration date, place of issue, and passport type information) and passport-sized photo;
● Medical examination report.
Enrollment: Shanghai Maritime University reserves the right to admit international students by written test or interview.
The enrollment result will be issued in the middle of June 2019. The offer package will be delivered after that.
● The applicant is to submit a notarized copy of all documents used in applying to SMU by post to SMU.
● All applicant are to ensure that the Shanghai Maritime University application form or scholarship (CGS or SGS) form is signed before mailing it to the address below.
● Applicant should ensure that they submit their recommendation and attestation certificate using SMU prepared format (please see the attached folder for details); Furthermore, read the instruction written below the SMU recommendation and certification of attestation format.
Contact us
Phone: 0086-21-38284998
Postal address: International Education College, Shanghai Maritime University, Room B 808-1, Library Building,1550 Hai Gang Avenue, Lin Gang New City, Pudong District, Shanghai, 201306