Visa Application

Visa Categories

X1 Visa: issued to foreigners who come to China for studying for more than 6 months.

X2 Visa: issued to foreigners who come to China for studying for less than 6 months.

Visa Application:

International students coming to China for study should use student's visas for entry. With the Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW201or JW202), the student applies for the student's visa from the Chinese embassy or consulate in his/her own country. Generally, students who plan to study in China for over 6 months will be issued an X1 visa, and those for less than 6 months will be issued an X2 visa. The Chinese embassy or consulate has full authority to make the decision if the applicant should be issued a visa or not.

The Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW201or JW202) are both very important documents for the foreign students. Not only are they used for the application of the student's visa, but also for the renewal and extension of the student's visa after the student registers at the university. Therefore the student should keep the original copy of these documents and bring them to China.


After arrival in China: 

Those with X1 visa need to go through the below procedure within 30 days after your arrival:

(1) Medical Checkup: (IEC office will make appointment for you)

---Documents needed for medical check:

1、the copy of the university acceptance letter.

2、Original and a copy of passport.

3、Four recent 2-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-faced photographs.

4、The medical check-up costs about 500RMB per person.

The health certificate will be issued within one week, directly to IEC office.

(2) After students receive the health certificate, you need to apply for the Residence Permit through Shanghai Exit and Enter Bureau. No previous appointment is needed.

---Documents needed for change your visa into multi-entry residence permit:

(1)The original valid passport and visa, and their copy version;

(2)The original letter of admission of the university, and its copy;

(3)The second page of JW202 Visa application forms (provided by IEC office);

(4)The Health Certificate 《健康合格证》 issued by SITHC;

(5)Visa application sponsorship letter (provided by IEC office)外国籍学生办证申请函;

(6)Two recent 2-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-faced photograph;

(7)400RMB processing fee (less than one year)

(8)Temporary Residence registration form临时住宿登记表 (provided by your dorm).

The address: 1550, Min Sheng Road, Pu Dong District, Shanghai    

Tel: 021 – 28951900

Working hour: 0900-1600, Monday to Saturday.

Transportation: take Metro Line 16 to Longyang Road station (龙阳路站), transfer to Line 2. Exit at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum(上海科技馆站)

Those with other types of visas (e.g, X2) do not need to go through any additional procedure.