“Friendship-Communication” Themed Party for International Students of SMU


On Nov. 15th, 2013, a party themed as “Friendship.Communication” was organized by International Education College.International Student Office in the multifunction room of IEC. This activity was highly welcomed by the students from Africa, international undergraduate and graduate students, exchange students from Hongkong, Taiwan, etc.

The party was started with Tai Chi, performed by the students from Martial arts team of SMU, which was followed by the performance from the international students of Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Ghana with songs and dances. Eli from Indonesia, with other friends, performed a selfcreated song “Shanghai Dairy”, which won applause from everyone.

Along with the song of “long live friendship” performed by everyone, the party was ended. The international students showed that it would be a happy memory for them, and they were appreciated the concern from SMU. This party enhanced the communication and understanding among the international students.