International Students from SMU Reclaimed the Crown in the 6th Shanghai International Students Dragon Boat Racing Competition


On June 1st, the 6th Shanghai International Students Dragon Boat Racing Competition kicked off on Fengxian Campus of East China University of Science and Technology. This competition was hosted by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the Research Institute of Shanghai College International Students, and undertaken by East China University of Science and Technology. More than 600 International students from 23 colleges of Shanghai participated in the race. Our dragon boat team was formed by international students from African class, international class, and students from degree program also took part in the race.

The SMU team of international students successfully took the crown in both the preliminary contest and the finals, followed by Fudan and Tongji universities. This is also the second time we have gained the first place in this competition since 2012.

The extraordinary results are gained through students’ efforts, and thanks to the highly regards from leaders of our University, hard training from the coach, careful organization of the leaders and teachers from International Education College, and strenuous efforts of all students. While doing a good job in recruiting and educating students, the International Education College also vigorously promoted the transmission of Chinese traditional culture to international students. Early in African class, the International Education College set up an elective course of dragon-boat to let the international students better enjoy and learn traditional Chinese culture of dragon-boat festival. Afterwards, the college formed a dragon boat team with members selected from all international students. No matter in class or in extracurricular training; in sweltering summer or in wind and rain, students can always strictly follow the rules, and take hard trainings according to the requirements of the coach. At the same time, our International Education College also actively provided sufficient logistical support to them so that students can maintain good physical conditions in training.

This competition fully shows the good image and spirit of our international students, and increases the publicity of our education for international students. Also, it’s an epitome of vigorous development of our university’s foreign students’ education in recent years.