SMU hosts the experience activity of "Perceiving China -- Shipping with you"


On November 23, the experience activity "Perceiving China - Shipping with you", which was organized by China Scholarship Council, was successfully held in Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) with the joint efforts of Shanghai University, Shanghai Ocean University and other colleges and universities. Around 90 international students from nearly 30 countries who have received Chinese government scholarship participated in the event. With the background of the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Shanghai Shipping Center, the event aims to show the overview of the world and Chinese shipping to the students awarded Chinese government scholarship, which highlights China's shipping management and technology, the achievements of shipping cooperation in countries along the “Belt and Road”, and the enhancement of cultural exchanges in the shipping field. Relevant leaders and teachers from Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai University and Shanghai Ocean University participated in it.

This activity kicked off in the lecture hall at Gangwan campus of SMU. Focusing on the construction of China’s shipping center in the past, present and future, Zhang Lin, deputy director of Shanghai transportation commission, vividly narrated the development history of Shanghai's shipping industry, the construction and development of China's shipping center as well as its opportunities, challenges and bright prospects. In addition, Mr.Zhang encouraged the international students to cherish the opportunity of studying in Shanghai, to further develop their countries with what they have learned, and to contribute to the progress of international shipping industry.

With the support of the Shanghai Maritime Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Transport,the international students went to Waigaoqiao Pier in the afternoon and visited Haixun-01 which is the first large cruise rescue ship in China with the functions of both maritime supervision and rescue.Within the maritime areas under national jurisdiction, it can perform many tasks, including maritime cruises, safety supervision, maritime life search and rescue, maritime forensic investigation, marine oil spill monitoring and emergency disposal. The students were warmly welcomed by the captain Jiang Long and all the marine staff. Following the Captain, the foreign students visited the deck, exhibition hall, cockpit, living area, conference room, viewing platform, etc., and listened to the staff's detailed introduction to the ship structure and work content.With the explanations and demonstrations with lively cases, the foreign students have a further understanding of China's maritime affairs, shipping and maritime culture, and thus they feel passionate about the shipping industry.

The students have learned a lot from the activity and some of them plan to work in the shipping industry, further develop their homelands and contribute to the progress of international shipping after graduation.