Application for Fazhan Dorm in the city centre


Our school will provide international students with some twin rooms in Fazhan dorm in the city centre, so as to facilitate downtown internships.  The application requirements and procedures are as follows:

1.Qualifications: have completed the required courses in your academic plan and will undertake an internship in a company located in the city centre (with the exception of students who have extended their academic status).

2. Application procedure:

       a. Apply to the IEC office with accommodation application form and a photocopy of the remarks page of your visa.

       b. After being approved, you should go through check-in formalities at the Chinese Language Center (Ms. Ren Bei, Room 329). Self-financing and SGS-B student should pay their accommodation fees in accordance with SMU accommodation rules.

3. Accommodation fee: 1200 yuan/bed/month

4. Additional information:

       a.After applying for Fazhan dorm successfully, students must go through check-out formalities at Lingang dorm within 2 days. Otherwise, the downtown dorm place will be canceled automatically.

       b. Students must abide by the rules and regulations of Fazhan dorm. SMU reserves the right to exclude students from from the dorm and to take disciplinary measures if any students violate the rules.

       c. Students must report to IEC about their internship and overall situation on the 1stof each month.

       d. Due to limited rooms, applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.