Outstanding International Students Scholarship Application


In 2016, the Ministry of Education will launch an “Outstanding International Students Scholarship” program, so as to motivate students to study hard and strive to make progress. The details of the program are as follows:


1. Scholarship details:

Undergraduates: a one-off award of 15,000 Yuan per person.

Graduate students: a one-off award of 30,000 Yuan per person.

SMU available places: not more than 3 places(SMU may recommend three students for these scholarships. The final decision lies with the CSC).

2. Application criteria:

2.1 International degree students in or above their second-year .

2.2 Excellent academic performance and high level of learning and research ability.

2.3. Active in any university activities or social practices.

 2.4. All other things being equal, students with financial difficulties will be given priority.

3. Application documents:

3.1 Application form.

3.2 Academic records from previous semesters.

3.3 Published research paper .

3.4 Any prize certificates or certificate to prove their ability (not a must) .

4. Application schedule

4.1.Student applications - now until June 17, 2016

4.2.SMU review - June 20, 2015

4.3.Publication of review result on IEC website - June 20-26, 2015

4.4.Report the result to the CSC

4.5.CSC final review

4.6.Students informed of result


 Applicants must submit their documents to the International Student Office (B8081) before June 17, 2016. Also, SMU-RMU program students should directly submit their documents to their college (room 303) and their college will be responsible for the initial review and submission to the International Student Office.