“SMU Outstanding International Student” and “Excellent Organizer and Participant of Activities” Awards 2016


The university will select students for the awards of “SMU Outstanding International Student” and “Excellent Organizer and Participant of Activities”. Up to four students will be selected for each award. We hope these awards will motivate students to study hard and actively take part in university activities. The details of the selection are as follows:

SMU Outstanding International Student

This award recognizes international students who are not receiving a China Government Scholarship or Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship (Class A) during their study period at SMU, but  have made excellent academic achievement.


1. PhD students who have extended their studies, but are not receiving living allowance are qualified to apply for the award.

2. All other things being equal, students with financial difficulties will be given priority.

Excellent Organizer and Participant of Activities

This award recognizes international students who have excellent academic performance and are actively organizing and participating in all activities.

General application requirements

1.Undergraduate or graduate students in or above their second year.

2.Excellent academic performance.

3.Active in University activities or social practices.

4.Student must have an excellent dormitory record.

5.Students are not allowed to apply for the two awards at the same time.

How to apply

Please bring the following documents to your college before the application deadline:

1. Application form

2. Published research paper

3. Prize certificate and related activities and social practices certificate.

Application deadline: 6th December 2016

International student contacts

1.Merchant Marine College: 钱晨佳 QIAN Chenjia

2.School of Economics & Management:马小木 MA Xiaomu

3.College of Transport and Communications: 郭现凤Ms Guo Xianfeng

4.Scientific Research Academy: 李静 LI Jing

5.College of Foreign Languages: 王文婧 Wang Wenjing

6.Logistics Engineering College 李强 LI Qiang

7.College of Information Engineering  朱虹 ZHU Hong